If you don't know me,
I'm Mike Nearman
and I'm a State Representative
from the Mid-Willamette Valley.

I first ran for the Legislature in 2014
because I think we need leadership
that is focused on freedom.

Whether voting in the House Chamber,
or working behind the scenes,
people who know me, know that
I work ceaselessly for freedom.

The Legislative Powers,
who don't take freedom so seriously,
have targeted me, stripped me of my committees,
and even filed criminal charges against me,
ironically, while their friends
destroy the city of Portland
and face no consequences.

I'm willing to stand.
Can you help?

The legal fees are more
than Debby and I can handle
but if you and hundreds of other
freedom loving citizens
step up to help,
we can give freedom and justice in Oregon a boost.

Thank you!


Thanks for your support!

You can also mail a donation to:

Mike Nearman
2570 Greenwood Road S.
Independence, OR 97351